Groomed for stage performance at the Amsterdam Academy, followed by a classical vocal education at The Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam, it was clear from the start that Maartje’s career as a “singer” would encompass the broadest definition of the word – and the most positive.

Her wide-ranging vocal abilities, relentless enthusiasm for all things performance combined with a sparkling, ever optimistic personality have taken her across Europe and the U.S. working with and learning from the best and most inspiring in the industry.


From ‘Fellow in Voice’ to all-round opera; oratorio to Lied; musical to contemporary, Maartje’s versatility is inexhaustible as she moves effortlessly and passionately from one genre to the next.


Maartje’s latest CD release captures her personal interpretation of the modern classical crossover ‘December Songs’, a song cycle by well known and multiple award winning musical theatre Maury Yeston. (on iTunes & Spotify)

Quote from composer Kees Olthuis: “This interpretation of December Songs brings tears in my eyes. Maartje’s voice is intensely moving in expression, diction and timbre.”

Maartje is a certified trainer and founder of the Orpheus Curat Foundation. The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for people with dementia through her successful and specifically developed Sing-along-method. Maartje’s technique focusses on the therapy aspect of the Sing-along concert for dementia-sufferers as well as the training of their loved ones and carers.


Maartje is mother of two children and married to conductor Thomas Eitler-de Lint.


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